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Master Broker Vladis, a real estate specialist. He is the founder and leader of a renowned real estate company in the Dominican Republic, where he has earned a solid reputation for providing exceptional service and maintaining positive client relationships. In addition to his role as the Founder and CEO of Aguasol24 Real Estate and the company HOMEINVESTOR (2007-Present). Vladis worked as the Director of Sales at Sosua Ocean Village. Under his leadership, the company has successfully navigated various real estate issues with a professional and strategic approach.

Notably, Vladis has personally overseen the construction of 10 villas, and his involvement has played a crucial role in successfully executing numerous real estate transactions. These endeavors have significantly contributed to the economic growth and development of Sosua and Cabarete. Vladis ability to navigate complex situations has solidified Aguasol24 Real Estate as a reliable and resilient partner in the real estate industry. His commitment to excellence and strategic vision has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the real estate landscape in the Dominican Republic. Vladis is your comprehensive partner in the real estate industry! He is an expert in real estate, banking, immigration, architecture, design, construction, and legal services.

US$ 685,000
US$ 235,000
US$ 335,000
US$ 560,000
US$ 799,000
US$ 465,000
US$ 574,000
US$ 599,000
US$ 389,000
US$ 377,000
US$ 550,000
US$ 400,000
US$ 799,000
US$ 368,000
US$ 363,000
US$ 2,000,000
US$ 350,000
US$ 1,950,000
US$ 1,185,000
US$ 825,000
US$ 224,000
US$ 249,000
US$ 695,000
US$ 399,000
US$ 185,000
US$ 935,000
US$ 370,000
US$ 675,000
US$ 2,450,000
US$ 1,500,000
US$ 300,000
US$ 259,000
US$ 235,000
US$ 550,000
US$ 799,000
US$ 700,000
US$ 625,000
US$ 290,000
US$ 1,300,000
US$ 730,000
US$ 6,500,000
US$ 550,000
US$ 3,400,000
US$ 450,000
US$ 575,000
US$ 385,000
US$ 270,000
US$ 195,000
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms