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Guido Luis Perdomo Montalvo, Lawyer and Notary Public, can be reached at Pedro Clisante Street No. 73, Sosua.

Julio Brea Guzman, Arbitrator and Notary, can be found at Pablo Neruda Street No. 20, Sosua.

Sergio Diaz, a lawyer from La Oficina Diaz Plasencia, is committed to serving you efficiently at the precise location where your case arises. You can find the office at Punta Cana Plaza, Local 15, Avda. España, Bavaro, La Altagracia.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the real estate transaction process can seem overwhelming and confusing. Who are the people involved, and what is each person’s role in the real estate transaction process? A real estate professional will assist with questions and concerns along the way, but knowing who is involved and what to expect will alleviate many potential worries.